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Season begins on August 1st (updated 4/6/2021)

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BBPW Local Practice (updated 7/21)

Due to Covid-19 the start of the Big Bend Pop Warner Season has been postponed

BPW Local Practice Guidelines (updated 7/14)

Guiding Principles for Big Bend Pop Warner Practices and On-going Operations beginning August 15th, 2020

The health and safety of participants and volunteers is the utmost priority and guidelines and protocol will be established to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We will constantly use resources such as the CDC and Dept. of Health to develop additional guidelines as needed.
Prevention is a key factor in trying to ensure health and safety of our participants and volunteers. Prevention includes the following:

• A 72-hour fever free return to practice procedure
• Separation of team practices to exhibit social distancing protocol (social distance is defined as 6 feet apart)
• Single point of entry to all practices, social distancing and face mask use is required by all volunteers
• Posting signage and educate and promote preventative measures
• Providing “Sanitation Stations” for daily equipment cleaning

Preventative Supplies Needed: 2 infrared touchless thermometers per Association, cloth masks in the event a staff member needs one, hand sanitizer, equipment sanitizer

Wearing Masks
Face coverings should always be worn by volunteers and staff, most importantly in times when social distancing is difficult.

Daily Health Screening will be conducted for each participant and rostered staff member prior to the start of each practice. Every Association will be required to acquire 2 infrared, touchless thermometers. A Temperature Check will be completed by a designated Association Board member. This process is very fast and will take seconds per participant. If a participant exhibits a temperature of 99
degrees or higher, he/she will be sent home with parent and not allowed to return
until 72 hours of being fever free time has elapsed. If a participant or volunteer
becomes ill.

The following Sickness Protocol will go into effect:
• If a participant appears ill during practice, the participant will immediately be
temperature checked. If it’s elevated the participant will be directed to their
parent. If an elevated temperature or signs and symptoms are observed, the
participant will be placed in a safe (6’) area to await their parent.
• The participant/volunteer will need to remain home until fever free for 72
hours and can then return to practice. If there is no improvement or symptoms
appear, the participant/volunteer may see a physician who may advise a
COVID-19 test. (Illness may be from another ailment and a COVID-19 test
would not be needed). Once a COVID-19 test is administered the physician or
Department of Health must provide a release to return to practice for a
positive test.
• The department of health protocol becomes active if a positive case arises, by
identifying others who may have come in contact and been exposed to
COVID-19 from the infected individual are if social distancing within 6’
occurred and/or whether there was more than 15 minutes of direct contact
without a mask.

Daily Disinfecting and Cleaning Protocols
• Disinfecting wipes will be used to wipe down any surfaces commonly used
during practice (i.e. bathroom door handles, faucets in the bathroom) one time
at the start of practice and one-time mid-way through practice
• Sanitation Stations will be available at each park for constant hand sanitizing
and equipment sanitation after each practice

Practice Guidelines
• Participants will practice in groups of 8 with 1 coach. Groups of 8 MUST
stay together throughout practice period of 14 days
• Participants must bring their own water bottles, with water. NO
community/team water will be provided
• Equipment will be sanitized after each use, using sanitation station.
• Water breaks must be taken with established group
• Participants must vacate practice station prior to next group and
equipment sanitized in between groups
• Limitation of two teams (40 people, 1 person per 1440 sq. feet) will be
allowed to practice at a location per evening
• Practice temperature logs must be sent to specified BB Board member no
later than 15 minutes after the start of practice. If participant shows up
late, amended log will need to be sent
• Parents must practice social distancing when being a spectator of practice
and limit the number of individuals per family who attend practice

We acknowledge that Phases for each state and county may not coincide with this ‘Return to Play’ policy. For each phase, state/ local guidelines take precedence if they are more restrictive than this phased approach. We acknowledge that some Regions, Leagues or Associations will be allowed by their State/Local guidelines to progress to Stage 4 more rapidly than others.


Pop Warner and Walt Disney have a had a tremendous partnership going back more than 60 years, and we hope to continue that relationship for years to come.

While putting the final touches on our new agreement, COVID-19 struck. It became necessary to shift our focus to the pressing and timely issue of whether Disney could host championship week this year, considering all the uncertainty around the pandemic. At this stage, that looks unlikely.

Not knowing what COVID-19 will bring in the fall and winter, every sports organization, from youth through the pros, is preparing for scenarios that are impossible to forecast.

While an alternate site for this year’s championships is an increasing likelihood, we want to be clear: Pop Warner is working diligently toward a Return to Play program that includes a season and a great Super Bowl and National Championship Week.

We're excited about this season and promise to keep you updated throughout the process.
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